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Ege University Faculty of Medicine was founded according to the decree of Ministry of Education and by the decision of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey law numbered 6595 on May 20th, 1955. It was one of the two faculties of Ege University. Ord. Prof. Dr. Muhiddin Erel, one of the two academic members of the faculty of medicine, was assigned as the founding dean.
After the assignment of the founders of our faculty in August 1955, they organized educational program in a short time and the education had been started with 90 students including 20 international ones on November 5th, 1955. Official opening ceremony of the Ege University and faculty of medicine has been held on March 9th, 1956. In first years of the education, visiting scholars from Istanbul and Ankara Universities and competent specialists from healthcare institutions in Izmir contributed to medical education. As years passed, permanent faculty members were assigned.
The education took place at different buildings and health institutions in Izmir until faculty of medicine moved to its current location at Bornova in 1971. Since then, faculty of medicine has been improving and developing on its campus.

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