Ege University Faculty of Medicine is one of the prestigious and well-established medical schools accepting most successful students in Turkey. The outcome-based education program in our Faculty is horizontally and vertically integrated based on the functional properties of the organ systems. Curriculum which has been designed on student centered and community oriented strategies is divided 5 phases and 10 integrated preclinical and 6 clinical blocks. Theoretical and practical education covers overview of basic medical sciences, normal structure and functions of the body, pathology and pathophysiology of the systems and introduction to the clinical sciences in first three years. The medical education in the fourth and fifth years consists of theoretical and practical training in all internal and surgical medical departments. Sixth year covers twelve-month internship program including ten main departments. Our university hospital provides an extensive educational and practical opportunity to our students with two-thousand inpatient capacity.
The education program of the Ege University Faculty of Medicine, was accredited twice by Turkish Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs (TEPDAD) since 2010.
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